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While we hope you never need them, here are the top 5 things to keep in your car to make the whole towing process easier.

#1: Water

Dehydration happens in any weather.

Tow trucks try to get to the people who need them as quickly as they can. However, traffic jams, bad weather, and people who called in before you did are just a few reasons why it might take us some time to arrive.

So, make sure you have a least 1 litre of water in your car at all times. Replace the water every so often because even bottled water has an expiry date.

#2: A flashlight…that works

The first use of your flashlight will be to check out any damage to yourself and your car. Then, you may need to see your license plate, serial, and other numbers on your car and related documentation when calling for a tow truck and later, completing the necessary paperwork.

Yes, today we can use our mobile phones. Many of them have a built-in flashlight. You can also download an app.

However, using your phone as a flashlight uses battery power. If you are waiting for a tow truck, you may wish to keep your phone "alive" for communication purposes.

Choose between flashlights with batteries, ones that are solar-powered, and those with hand cranks. Some models have several power systems, so you are sure to have the light you need.

#3: Pad and pencil for writing things down

What will you need to write down? For a start, perhaps the name and/or license plate of the tow truck arriving to help you. In that way, you won't be prey to unscruplous towing companies that roam the roads, trying to get business from stranded drivers.

Again, many of us use our mobile phones to jot down information. If that is your preference, great. However, it is not always easy to flip between the call you are making and the screen on which the information is displayed.

Our suggestion is to keep a pad of paper and a few pens/pencils handy in your vehicle. While pens are usually more "fun" to write with, pencils don't dry out.

#4: A pair of walking shoes

This one is especially for those of us who wear shoes that are not hiking-friendly. Again, we hope you never need to, but it could be that you have to leave your car and walk quite a distance to a highway phone box or gas station/restaurant phone.

Sure, mobile phones cut down on the likelihood of this happening. However, your phone could be out of service due to reception issues—or damage in the case of a car accident. In these cases, you will need to trek to get assistance, and comfortable shoes will make that frustrating walk much more enjoyable.

#5: Set of medications

If you take medications several times throughout the day, keeping a set or two in your car makes sense.

Car breakdowns and traffic accidents happen without regard for your health. Plus, they are stressful enough. You don't need the added stress of being without your medication.

Remember to put date information on your car medications so you can swap them out before they expire.


Gather all these items together in a sealable bag or box. Place them in a convenient place in your car—perhaps the trunk or on the floor of your vehicle near the back seat (depending on how often that area is used). Then, you only have one place to look.

Now, you are more ready, just in case…

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  Posted: Mon Sep 21st 2020 12:00pm  3 months ago

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