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For whatever reason your vehicle has broken down. Now, you need to get it towed to your mechanic's garage.

Can your friend help you by towing your vehicle with his or her car?

In Alberta, the regulation states that:

19. No person shall operate a motor vehicle that tows another motor vehicle unless the means of attachment (a) is of sufficient strength to pull all weight that is being towed, and (b) is designed to be capable of towing the motor vehicle so that the vehicle substantially follows in the track of the towing vehicle.

In other words, the towed vehicle must not weave all over the road lanes or detach itself from the vehicle towing it.

Basically, then, the answer is "NO." Much as they want to help, your friend is not going to be able to give you a hand in this situation.

I've noticed tow trucks that roam around, offering roadside assistance. Are they ok to use to tow my vehicle?

Maybe yes, and maybe no. There are some reputable companies that use this method to increase business. However, this is a favourite tactic of scammers.

The scammers tune into police radio frequencies. They monitor the reports of accidents. This helps them to know exactly where to travel to.

People who have just been in traffic accidents are often in shock and not making decisions with their best judgement. The scammers take advantage of this situation to convince them to use their towing services. The result could be a bill with inflated towing charges or even having their vehicle towed to the garage of a "mechanic in crime" for disreputable work.

Will my insurance company fully cover my towing bill?

This will depend on your auto insurance policy. The following factors can influence whether or not you have full coverage:

  • which party is "at fault"
  • what coverage and amounts you have chosen in your auto insurance
  • the distance from the accident site to the place where you want your vehicle towed

For your peace of mind (and safety of your vehicle), your best bet is to use a professional, recognized towing service.

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  Posted: Tue Jun 9th 2020 12:00pm  6 months ago

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