When your vehicle needs a tow is usually NOT the moment you start shopping around. You want a quick solution to your towing situation, right?

But if you're reading this, chances are you have a few moments to do some checking. So, now's the time to do some shopping, keeping these 5 points in mind.

1. The right equipment

Does the towing company's equipment match the needs of your vehicle?

Example: companies who use towing rigs These towing services need to make sure that the rig can support the weight of the towed vehicle. Also, they need to check that the towing vehicle itself has enough power to tow this heavy load.

Lastly, the trailer hitch and coupler parts need to fit together correctly. Otherwise, the trailer could separate from the towing vehicle, causing damage to the vehicle being towed.

2. Driver experience

Maneuvering an empty tow truck requires skill in itself. Handling a tow truck whose overall mass has been increased by the load of a towed vehicle (or vehicles) is a job for experienced professionals only.

The more mass a load has, the more the momentum and inertia increase. Simply put, this means that the tow truck will need more power than usual to get up to speed…and to stop.

This is especially important when accelerating to pass another vehicle on the road, turning left or right, and braking at lights and crossroads. Misjudging such situations can lead to damaging the towed vehicle.

3. Towing vehicle checkups

  • What kind of maintenance schedule does the towing company keep?
  • Does it regularly service its vehicles to make sure they are in top shape?
  • What about right before a trip — do they have a checklist to complete before setting out?

A simple thing such as tire pressure can make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful tow. Tire blowouts are always dangerous but can be critically so when towing heavy loads.

Checking the tires before setting out allows you to fix tires that have become underinflated over time. Also, you can catch many cases of damaged tires. For example, tires that have a nail in them. The nail keeps enough air in so that that tire does not become flat, yet when filling the tire, it will never completely inflate.

4. Paperwork

What kind of registration and safety certificates does this towing service have?

Professional towing does not mean buying a flatbed truck and putting up a website. It means using equipment that is rated for towing and drivers who have suitable qualifications.

In Canada, for example, tow truck operators need a Commercial Vehicle Operator’s Registration (CVOR) certificate. Does your Canadian towing service have one?

5. Their "oops" procedure

Things happen, even to the most professional of professionals. Situations beyond the reasonable control of towing services mean that in rare cases, towed vehicles get damaged.

What happens then?

Reputable towing companies have a set procedure to deal with compensating their clients. They have had the foresight to organize a step-by-step process that makes this unfortunate situation more bearable.

Before you need them, take the time to find a towing company that is going to give you the service you are looking for.

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  Posted: Tue May 26th 2020 12:00pm  7 months ago

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