Whether your precious car is a classic, an exotic type, one of the high-end models, or just the precious vehicle that you have worked long and hard for, it is safe in the expert towing hands of DJ's Towing Services.

Flatbed towing

As its name suggests, flatbed towing uses a special truck with a flat platform at the back. The towed car is driven or winched onto the platform and properly secured.

Basically, the tow truck driver parks in front of the vehicle to be towed. The driver lowers the flatbed so it is at an angle, with the back end resting on the ground.

Then, two safety chains will be attached to the undercarriage of your vehicle. (Most vehicles have special places built in to hook these chains.)

After that, your vehicle will be driven or winched up the ramp and on to the flatbed. More security ties will be fitted so that your high-end car stays safely in place.

Advantages of flatbed towing

Virtually no damage

The chances of damage to your high-end car are virtually zero. This towing method does not cause wear to bumpers, tires, nor damage to your car's engine parts, ignition system, transmission, etc.

In addition, the paint is not likely to be scratched nor unneeded strain put onto the frame of your vehicle.

Suits any situation

Flatbed towing can be used in any type of situation. First, the car's running condition is not a factor as cars that cannot be driven can be winched. Second, this special truck has no roof, so vehicles of any height can be towed. Lastly, weight is not an issue as flatbed tow trucks are made to carry both light- and heavyweight cars…and even boats.

Also, this special tow truck has ramps that can accommodate the low clearance required by many performance and sports cars.

Increased road safety

This towing method is more road safe. In the "traditional" towing situation, your car is being pulled by the tow truck.

With the traditional method, even if your car is on all four of its wheels, there is still some sway. This can be a danger to cars in other lanes or pedestrians.

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  Posted: Tue Apr 21st 2020 12:00pm  8 months ago

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